About “Bonaqua”

“Bonaqua” mineralized water is a quality bottled water provided by Swire Coca-Cola HK, the leading ready-to-drink beverage provider in Hong Kong. Bon Aqua is French for “good water”. “Bonaqua” contains balanced quality minerals to give a distinguished and refreshing crisp taste ideal for active people.

The stringent production process of “Bonaqua” complies with the high standards set out by The Coca-Cola Company and Swire Coca-Cola HK to meet the international quality and safety standards of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for drinking water.

Each bottle of “Bonaqua” undergoes a series of meticulous production procedures. Water needs to go through multi-barrier filtration system, reverse osmosis treatment and disinfection, with balanced quality minerals added.

To ensure the high quality, the manufacturing and cleansing of the bottles are completed under the strictest supervision and all bottles are thoroughly washed and sterilized to prevent any contamination.

Why “Bonaqua”?

Minerals and Health

“Bonaqua” is one of the food sources with quality minerals for replenishing fluids lost throughout the day. Its quality minerals include Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride, which give it an invigorating taste suitable for general consumption.

Choice of Active Lifestyle People

“Bonaqua” is especially suitable for people who have a penchant for an active lifestyle. A lot of fluids and minerals are lost through perspiration after exercise or physical activities. “Bonaqua” comes in handy to replenish body fluids.

Refreshing Taste

“Bonaqua” has a unique crisp taste different from general distilled water products because of the balanced quality minerals included in “Bonaqua”.