“Coca-Cola Starlight” No Sugar Sparkling Beverage 24P x 2 Free Coca-Cola™Starlight X MC $oHo & KidNey Limited Gift Box



Coca-Cola Starlight was inspired by unlimited imaginary of human to space exploration. Coca-Cola Starlight not only remains the classic taste of Coca-Cola, but also enriches by sophisticated flavors with creativities to make the mysterious “Starlight” taste. The refreshing sensation evokes the feeling of a cool journey into space with infinite possibilities.

Important Remarks

*Due to the current pandemic outbreak in Mainland China, the delivery of the Coca-Cola™Starlight X MC $oHo & KidNey Limited Gift Box will be delayed until further notice. Winners will receive the giftbox separately with their ordered goods. Gift Box will be sent to the winners’ doorstep once the logistic service in Mainland China resumed. We will send out email notification on the delivery updates. Feel free to contact our CS team (+852 2210 3311) if you have any issues or concerns. Thank you!


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