“Authentic Tea House” Sugar-free Tea – Puer Tea Beverage (with Fiber) 500mL (24 Bottles)


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  • The “Authentic Tea House” Functional Series infuses functional elements with tea, bringing “The Philosophy of Wellness” into the daily lives of the urbanist, allowing you to simply maintain your health while tea-tasting.
  • Made adhering to “The Philosophy of Wellness”; dietary fiber is added to carefully selected whole puer leaves, a type of tea renowned for its sophisticated and mellow taste, resulting in a “wellness” infused tea.
  • When accompanying your meal, it can help reduce fat absorption, providing you with peace of mind when enjoying your favorite food.
  • No sugar and calories.
  • *Added indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber) derived from corns. When taken with meals, it helps slow down sugar absorption and reduces fat absorption and helps intestinal health. Suggested serving 500mL. Balanced diet is recommended.
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