“Authentic Tea House” Sugar-free Tea – Dahongpao Oolong Tea Beverage 500mL (24 Bottles)


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  • “Authentic Tea House” embodies the “Tea Artisan’s Philosophy”, allowing the realization of each teas’ outstanding taste and uniqueness; with the craftsmanship of a tea artisan, whole tea leaves of renowned variants with extraordinary origins are carefully selected to deliver a series of teas with distinctive personalities. Products with exceptional taste can allow each to discover their own cup of tea, transcending into their unique realm of tea tasting.
  • Derived from and embodying the essence of the Wuyi Mountain, Dahongpao is a tea that was a tribute to the Emperor with a unique “rock note”, and an exceptional tea aroma.
  • After undergoing the deep roasting process, the Dahongpao brings a rich, sophisticated tea taste with a sweet after-taste, allowing you to unwind daily at any time.
  • No sugar and calories.
  • Manufactured in Hong Kong.
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